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ONEPURE Water Empowering People

ONEPURE® water has a best in world quality as it naturally flows to the surface from the Heretaunga Plains aquifer located in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand. 


The mineral enriched water from this natural and precious resource has an ideal combination of properties that make up its goodness and this benefits our health and wellbeing. This is particularly important for those who are health and sports minded and those active in life.




When it is time to step out or stay in together

Bottled at source from the mineral rich Heretaunga Plains aquifer in the abundant Hawkes Bay, ONEPURE PH8 Artesian Water is the perfect accompaniment when spending time together and recognising changing times. The natural source also gives ONEPURE water a silky flavour making it very pleasant on the palette.


We're In This Together And We Are Working Hard To Help With Moving Forward

After months in lockdown isolation battling a worldwide pandemic, we are transitioning back to normal. New Zealanders have been welcoming this move for a number of reasons, including reacquainting ourselves with friends and finally getting back to a normal work environment. And a very loud cheer will be heard from New Zealand’s sporting fanatics. Sport has been standing still since the nationwide shutdown with many activities being put on hold for average Kiwis, let alone professional athletes. Now with restrictions being eased, professional sport is once again on the agenda. As Badminton New Zealand Chief Executive Joe Hitchcock notes, feathers are flying as badminton responds to the lifting of restrictions on sport.

ONEPURE is continuing its sponsorship and support for the Badminton community as the ONEPURE Wolves go up against The Tigers, The Hawks, and The Dragons. Follow the New Zealand Badminton League and

GRANT VERRY General Manager ONEPURE® New Zealand & Australia 

live pure. drink pure.

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