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ONEPURE Water Empowering People

ONEPURE® water has a best in world quality as it naturally flows to the surface from the Heretaunga Plains aquifer located in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand. 


The mineral enriched water from this natural and precious resource has an ideal combination of properties that make up its goodness and this benefits our health and wellbeing. This is particularly important for those who are health and sports minded and those active in life.



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When it is time to step out or stay in together

Bottled at source from the mineral rich Heretaunga Plains aquifer in the abundant Hawkes Bay, ONEPURE PH8 Artesian Water is the perfect accompaniment when spending time together and recognising changing times. The natural source also gives ONEPURE water a silky flavour making it very pleasant on the palette.


We're In This Together And We Are Working Hard To Help With Moving Forward

The ONEPURE team is privileged to be able to thank the inspiring people of our community by supplying a healthy beverage choice of ONEPURE Natural Artesian pH8 Alkaline water!


I have recently had the absolute privilege to meet and engage with the inspirational Cure Kid’s collective whanau – Thank you! We all have our own challenges in life and when you come across people who face these challenges with such positivity, courage and grace, it truly takes your breath away and inspires!


We are so grateful to be able to provide in our own small way a way to say thanks for the work the children and families are doing to raise awareness of Cure Kids and improve health outcomes for kids here in New Zealand and around the world with the funded research. ONEPURE has also been fortunate enough to get involved with Jason Connor and the youth downhill mountain bike DVS OnePure Racing Team! These super talented young athletes with their fearless riding, strong work ethic and commitment to good nutrition and hydration - also inspire! Lifting themselves to new performance levels both on and off the track ONEPURE is proud to be supporting both their personal and professional growth and wish them the very best success with the year’s race circuit ahead!


Geez it’s good to be able to get out and about again in our beautiful country, stay rehydrated, refreshed and re-energised and keep doing what you love NZ - you may not even realise it but this coming Summer it’s likely you have the opportunity to inspire too -  carpe diem!!