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Why is drinking ONEPURE® Artesian water better for your health?

There is no life without water. Water is the major part of the human body averaging 70% of its mass. Its content rises up to 83% in the blood and 85% in the brain leaving no doubt in it playing a critically important role in our metabolism and thinking process. Consequently, the quality of our waters is intimately related to the clarity of our thinking and autonomous processes.


When rain reaches the earth it then passes through its surface and ends up in the aquifer emerging many years later bearing its unique tapestry of mineralisation.


It is this water by its nature we should consider a true and natural water being most suitable for the human body. The strength of natural water lies in the fact that the liquid passes through an aquifer where the water molecules are organised in clusters charged with the lattice energy from the minerals present.


As a result the groundwater becomes structured at the molecular level and balanced with dissolved minerals that make up its complex natural matrix. The structured matrix acts as a reliable shield protecting the body of water. Energy level reaches its maximum in these living waters, e.g. groundwater aquifers, such as ONEPURE® source water.

Vitality of the water dramatically decreases after chemical treatment, boiling (evaporated waters where the natural structure of the water is completely destroyed), Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration or chlorination. Unfortunately the denatured water is very common in the bottled waters which employ these techniques. We must consider that most bottled waters treated in this manner require denaturing due to the source water being contaminated and non‐compliant with quality requirements and requiring standardisation for commercial reasons.


These waters are left denatured and/or demineralised, which makes them highly unstable and lacking any natural structure. Any attempt to add structure artificially via remineralisation, or addition of chemicals does not help regain the lost structure, especially considering the fact that the mineral deficiency profile of each particular consumer is unique and by no means is limited to three or four basic salts used in industrial practice. The added salts may unbalance the minerals in the body by competing with digestion of other minerals, thus causing additional health problems. It would be a great mistake to compare the artificially remineralised drinks with natural living waters which have been acquiring their structure for decades in the natural aquifers as is the case with the ONEPURE® Aquifer water.

pH8 Aqua

Get vital

oxygen… faster

Water is essential for human health and nutrition, perhaps the most important factor. Being the major component of blood, it carries nutrients and oxygen to all vital organs of the body and helps remove the products of the metabolism. The normal blood pH is slightly alkaline 7.35, this level maintained by carbon dioxide‐bicarbonate‐carbonate equilibrium. Tiny differences in pH will substantially affect the blood’s ability to transfer oxygen, e.g. the shift from 7.3 to 7.5 allows 75% more oxygen to be available for use. This is one of the good reasons to maintain nutrition on the alkaline side of pH. 


Due to the fact that oxygen transfer in the blood increases with alkalinity, it is well to try maintaining nutrition on an alkaline side, related to both liquids and solid food. Alkalinity is a natural chemical shield of the water matrix protecting its integrity. In most waters this protection is due to the presence of carbonate‐bicarbonate system, silica, borates and phosphates. To sustain the vitally important carbonate‐bicarbonate equilibrium and ensure sufficient oxygen transfer to the body, it is highly recommended to drink alkaline water.

Source: Ozone Technologies 2779 One Pure Source water report 2014

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