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ONEPURE® has One help the ‘One You’, your family and New Zealand be the healthiest you possibly can. Whatever you love to do, it all starts with you operating at your optimum. Energised, focused, balanced. To be your best, you need the best, and it all starts with drinking the best, purest, highest-quality water.


It seems so simple but believe it or not – not all water is the same. Drinking water that has been treated with harsh chemicals like chlorine can decrease our good gut bacteria (which is not what you want for your immunity!) Whereas nourishing your body with living, natural water enriched with minerals such as silica can help strengthen the connective tissues of the brain, nerve cells, and spinal cord improving memory and helping to prevent memory loss, (not to mention healthy hair and nails!)


ONEPURE® water is alkaline which helps to rebalance our often acidic modern diets and reduce acid reflux, reduce fatigue, protect bones, support the immune system, and generally support a healthy mind and body. Drinking alkaline water is also recommended for supporting sufficient oxygen transportation in the 01 blood – a little change in pH can make a big difference! So not all water is the same, and since there’s just one you, why not nourish yourself with the purest natural artesian water New Zealand has to offer? ONEPURE®... One You.

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