Shipping to your door by PBT Delivery

As soon as you place an order our operations team make contact with PBT and arrange delivery. PBT issue a Tracking Number which you can track online. You will receive an email from our operations team with your Tracking Number. With over 45 years of service PBT has become the trusted name for nationwide express courier and freight distribution in New Zealand. PBT service is based on investment in a nationwide network and technology systems, and the hard work their team of people put in every day. The online tracking login: PBT will carefully place your refreshing and energising delivery at your door. You need not come into contact with anyone outside your bubble.

Need to change your delivery address? It takes just 2 minutes!

Send your new address here: Yes we all move from time to time. Just so you know it is easy for us to change your subscription delivery address. All you need to do is give us your new address and we will deliver your regular monthly supply of pure New Zealand PH8 Artesian water. Moving does take energy, so use your ONEPURE water to reenergise, rehydrate and refresh yourself and others :) ps, Try to give us a week's notice if can. We're here to help and address whatever it is you need. Please do feel free to call us on +64 9 373 4476, and/or email