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pH8 Aqua

Get vital

oxygen… faster

Water is essential for human health and nutrition, perhaps the most important factor. Being the major component of blood, it carries nutrients and oxygen to all vital organs of the body and helps remove the products of the metabolism. The normal blood pH is slightly alkaline 7.35, this level maintained by carbon dioxide‐bicarbonate‐carbonate equilibrium. Tiny differences in pH will substantially affect the blood’s ability to transfer oxygen, e.g. the shift from 7.3 to 7.5 allows 75% more oxygen to be available for use. This is one of the good reasons to maintain nutrition on the alkaline side of pH. 


Due to the fact that oxygen transfer in the blood increases with alkalinity, it is well to try maintaining nutrition on an alkaline side, related to both liquids and solid food. Alkalinity is a natural chemical shield of the water matrix protecting its integrity. In most waters this protection is due to the presence of carbonate‐bicarbonate system, silica, borates and phosphates. To sustain the vitally important carbonate‐bicarbonate equilibrium and ensure sufficient oxygen transfer to the body, it is highly recommended to drink alkaline water.

Source: Ozone Technologies 2779 One Pure Source water report 2014

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