ONEPURE Monthly Water Plan FAQ's

2 Before 2: Regular daily hydration for your health and wellbeing

You're a ONEPURE 100% fan. With monthly water subscriptions you re-hydrate and re-energise your body naturally every day of the month ... and get a 20% saving. Good for your health, wellbeing & wallet! We know you are interested in regular daily hydration and the health and wellbeing benefits this brings. To support you in your daily intake of healthy New Zealand PH8 Artesian Water we have put together packs that give you your daily intake over a month period. And to bolster your commitment and help keep your pursuit of this target we a giving you a further 20% discount. We call the packs: "2 Before 2" which gives you the all needed 2 litres of water before 2.00pm in the afternoon. That is 60 litres per month (2 Ltrs x 30 days). Then you can congratulate yourself on making your daily target. That is one more tick each day on your monthly calendar on the fridge!! Here are three "2 Before 2" pack options that give you 60 litres of PH8 Artesian Water a month:

  • 10 L box (Still) = 4 boxes at discounted $11.60 (40 L) at $46.40
  • 1.5 L x 12 bottles = 18 L (Still PET) = 4 boxes at discounted $20.40 (72 L) at $81.60
  • 500 mL x 24 bottles = 12 L box (Still PET) = 4 boxes at discounted $31.60 (48 L) at $126.40

Shipping & delivery information

We're keen to get your water to you quickly (and free of charge for New Zealand deliveries :) Get shipping and delivery information from here:

Returns & refunds

We are here for you and welcome all questions you have. Please visit: and learn about our Happiness Guarantee.

Cancel anytime - no strings attached

Yes it is that simple. When you are ready to cancel just let us know. Please complete the form: We will stop your monthly payments and deliveries and wish you well.

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