OnePure Still Artesian Water 24 x 320mL PET Bottle (Per Case). Includes GST

  • OnePure Still Artesian Water 24 x 320mL PET Bottle (Per Case). Includes GST & Delivery (New Zealand Only).


    Our 320ml hand-sized bottle is the perfect serve on-the-go. It fits easily in smaller bags and is perfect when you need to travel light. It’s mini size makes it ideal for mini-bars, giveaway packs, conferences and events.


    OnePure® raw water quality is excellent, with moderate levels of reactive silica providing a silky flavour which is very pleasant to the palette. It has a healthy pH of 8.0, with ideal mineralization, is microbial free and has no detectable contaminants. The water matrix is of the sodium bicarbonate type which is naturally balanced and enriched with calcium, magnesium, potassium, chloride and sulphate.

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