This gives you 72 litres of New Zealand PH8 Artesian Water to complete your "2 Before 2" daily intake: 2 litres before 2.00pm, with a little extra for good measure. That means regular daily hydration for your health and wellbeing. 


Congratulations on purchasing ONEPURE 100% pure PH8 Alkaline water on a monthly basis. You will now be getting the ongoing benefits of water enriched with life essential minerals and electrolytes. 


  • Delivered to your delivery address monthly
  • Gift for you after 3 months - a free box of sparkling water
  • Cancel anytime - no strings attached
  • Happiness Guarantee - We'll give you a replacement
  • Available to our New Zealand customers

1.5L PET MonthlyPlan

Price Options
1.5L PET MonthlyPlan
Get 4 Boxes of 12 Bottles: Subscribe & Save 20%
$81.60monthly/ auto-renew
  • Four (4) Cases (each containing 12 x 1.5L PET Bottles) of OnePure Still Artesian Water with a 20% saving over single case orders. Includes GST & Delivery (New Zealand Only).


    Our larger 1.5L PET bottle size is ideal to keep in the fridge at home, take to the gym, sports practice or work. A couple on trips away to the bach or boat will keep you healthy and hydrated.


    This bottle has been engineered for the ‘perfect-pour’ and  looks great sitting on your table at dinner parties and social gatherings.

    OnePure® raw water quality is excellent, with moderate levels of reactive silica providing a silky flavour which is very pleasant to the palette. It has a healthy pH of 8.0, with ideal mineralization, is microbial free and has no detectable contaminants. The water matrix is of the sodium bicarbonate type which is naturally balanced and enriched with calcium, magnesium, potassium, chloride and sulphate.

live pure. drink pure.

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